Featured Web Design Project: Vista Films International

Web Design Project: Hoxsey Biomedical Center

Web Design Project: Lawrence Hearing Aid Center

Web Design Project: Magnum Offroad

Web Design Project: DrVoIP

Ecommerce Website: Component Concepts

Web Design Project: Eric Strate SEO

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Vivid Software Solutions is a San Diego based web design and programming company that works with small businesses nationwide

Our Services

Web Design & Development

Vivid Software Solutions takes building websites seriously, which is why we don't stop with just a nice design and functional website, but we utilize the latest developments in web standards and design techniques to take your project from concept to reality. We don't just build websites, we build brands. It's time for you to experience the web the way it was meant to be. Learn more

WordPress CMS & Programming

A website with your ideas and easy to update that is the power of WordPress CMS combined with our graphical vision. We live, eat and breathe programming with PHP&MySQL whether its a WordPress CMS or a custom application. No matter the size or type of content management system, Vivid Software Solutions has you covered. Our agile work flow allows us to adapt to any style our clients prefer, while also providing custom websites when the situation requires it. Learn more

SEO & Online Marketing

Ever heard, If you build it, they will come? Well that unfortunately doesn't quite apply to the Internet. Having a nice website is one thing, but bringing traffic and new customers to it is whole different ball-game. Vivid Software Solutions has all the tools and services your site needs to attract the right customers. It's time to stop working for your website, and let your website start working for you. Learn more

Beautiful on all devices

Over 60% of internet users now use their mobile device to visit your website. Chances are that if your website is not optimized for mobile devices they will have a poor experience. All our websites are developed from the ground-up using responsive coding ensuring your website looks stellar on all mobile devices.

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