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Web Design for Content Management

Vivid Software Solution’s web design in San Diego team consists of a perfect mix of programmers, front-end coders, architects, and server admins. We built and maintain content management systems. And our team is well versed in two of the most popular content management platforms Drupal and WordPress.

Easy Website Content Management Systems

The entire design team is responsible for the codebase design for WordPress projects. We have also built our own WordPress theme to be used as our go-to blog platform.

  • Custom content management system our very own CMS is quick to learn, easy to update content, and powerfully flexible for custom website design.
  • WordPress content management system CMS is a very popular open-source platform. The community support, plugins, and themes drive the popularity.
  • Drupal content management system CMS The enterprise level open-source framework. Great option for companies with internal IT capabilities, multilingual support, and continual project enhancements.

CMS Web Design Process

Planning a website to be both functional and fully administered by our clients can cause friction, but the frequency of such projects at Vivid Software Solutions is so great that we take the challenge for granted.

  • The majority of our websites start from an internally-developed, sandboxed codebase to reduce design time, project costs, and ensure QA standards.
  • As our project team collaborates on the wireframes to align client goals with usability, the developers specifically plan the database architecture and CMS configuration to be functional within the content management platform.
  • We build websites and the CMS to make it easy for clients to maintain all the content themselves so they don’t need to waste time or money to make simple updates to their site.

CMS Integration for my website

No website is an island. Over the years, we have integrated with a variety of outside systems. Some are simple, some are complicated, most add great value and potential to the website. Many content management systems have plugins or modules ready to connect with various web-based services using APIs.

  • E-commerce – payment gateways (Paypal, Authorizenet), real-time shipping (FedEx, UPS)
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr
  • Third-party Platforms – SalesForce, HubSpot, QuickBooks

Custom integration is complicated and powerful. The big brains at Vivid Software Solutions plan and execute automated functionality by connecting to fulfillment centers for orders, ERPs for product inventory and customer accounts, and POSs for accounting.

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