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    You may not always need a large web design company to do your project. In most cases, you can hire a freelance programmer or website designer right here in San Diego who can work with you directly on the design or development of your website or web application. There are many benefits of hiring a freelance programmer, for example, you can communicate directly with the programmer or designer instead of going through the project manager or department manager. The lines are short and you don’t have to carbon copy 10 others on the email to get something done. Who dislikes that?

    Tips for hiring freelance programmers

    Developers or programmers are generally keen on details. It is highly advisable that you the client collaborate with the freelance programmer in setting up a clear project scope and development timeline before he or she starts writing any code. The goals and deliverables must be absolutely crystal clear before any party should commit. Rush is the worst enemy that always bites back at some point in the project. Do not rush or rush-en the website project requirements gathering phase. This is the single most important phase of any website project. Vague or ambiguous request result in disaster, clients must understand that behind each small functionality there needs to be few dozen lines of code if not hundreds which the programmer must write, test and debug which can be extremely costly and frustrating having to go back making changes. Freelance programmers costs range typically from $50 an hour to $150 an hour depending on the functionality, programming language or environment and scope of the task. Each project needs to be assessed carefully. Sometimes it is more effective to obtain an website maintenance.

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