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Software development San Diego expert, Vivid Software Solutions offers intranet development services for small and mid-sized businesses. If you have been working with Microsoft Sharepoint for the past years then you know how valuable a solid intranet application is. Having one central location to store all your day to day company assets such as operation manuals, policy and procedures, advertising collateral, reports, designs and drawings and much more. Employees of your organization are able to browse securely your company intranet application with a browser and read, update documents easily. Simply put an Intranet Application makes it easier for people to work together within an organization.

Intranet website for your company

web development san diegoA corporate intranet can give your employees the necessary tools to help your company succeed. Intranet portals or intranet software runs typically on servers within the organization. Most organization require not only intranet Internet capabilities but also intranet with extranet capabilities. Intranet software such as Sharepoint offers a one size fits all solution built on the Microsoft platform. We, on the other hand, as a software development company, build custom intranet applications tailored to your business. Together we determine roles and deliverable and assess your organization individual needs and build and maintain your Internet intranet software. Our intranet solutions are hosted on cloud hosting servers which makes scaling up and down a breeze. In addition, we always utilize ‘https’ protocol for secure login and web operations. Your web portal can hold up to 10,000 users working simultaneously.

Intranet development services

For large enterprise sized companies we utilize Microsoft ASP.NET using C# (pronounced as c-sharp) programming language with an MSSQL database backend. This solution is extremely reliable, and since we’re not overpopulating your intranet application with components and modules you don’t need, we keep it clean and fast but yet ready for expansion and future growth.

For a smaller organization, we offer either ASP.NET or PHP intranet solutions. PHP is an open-source programming language that runs typically on Linux servers or as we call it on the LAMP stack (Linux Apache MySQL PHP). Don’t underestimate or discount the fact that PHP is open-source, over 50% of the world’s websites run on PHP including Facebook. PHP is extremely powerful and allows for rapid software development.

Based on your organization size and needed functionality we will recommend the platform that fits your needs best and develops your intranet website application around your specs. Either way, your local intranet application will be robust, secure and ready to expand.

Intranet cost

The cost of intranet website development depends greatly on the needed functionality, intranet software cost typically ranges anywhere from $5.000 to over $30.000. Contact us for a free intranet business consultation and system requirement assessment.

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