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    Vivid Software Solutions has offered proudly solid PHP web development services to San Diego customers since 2006. Whether you’re starting a new PHP website project or have an existing PHP website that is in need of maintenance or expansion we can help. From forums, blogs, directories, and custom web applications made in PHP we can pick up where the previous developer left off. We utilize different PHP frameworks depending on your needs such as CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Kohana, and Zend. Of course, we offer support on opensource cms frameworks such as Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. Any custom PHP coding requests are planned, designed and executed carefully by our Freelance Programmers. We utilize the latest in PHP5 development techniques and offer unmatched attention to web standards. Your website will be compatible with all major internet browsers such as Internet Explorer 7, 8, FireFox, Google Chrome and on the Apple Safari and Firefox as well. PHP website maintenance services are assessed on a per case process depending on the scale and complexity of your PHP application. Learn more about our website maintenance services.

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    Your PHP Web Development Team: Right Here in San Diego, CA

    No need to outsource to other cities or countries just contact us locally and we will set up an in-person meeting to review all your PHP web application development requirements and we will offer you a proposal based on your requirements within48 hours. Small or large PHP application? No problem we handle all size PHP projects. For large scale PHP applications, we break the project down into milestones from where we work towards to. Depending on the application we might break it down into 4 or more milestones. Each milestone will achieve a predefined set of application goals. We utilize agile software development techniques to ensure the quality and integrity of your software.

    Utilizing PHP for Creating Professional Websites

    php web designPHP is one of the most popular dynamic web programming languages that you see on most sites that require a username to log into the site, vote in the poll, downloads or upload anything, or even if you use the shopping cart an online store. This is the main language for most of the areas that are professionally written for commercial purposes. PHP Programming belongs to the top 3 most popular programming languages, due to its immense following there are thousands and thousands of PHP developers around the world. Choosing PHP for your website can become an easy choice knowing that it’s a very well known language. Some of the most successful websites on the internet use PHP Facebook is a good sample. Even Facebook apps are created and written in PHP programming.

    Hire a San Diego PHP Developer for your custom PHP application

    If you’re located in San Diego, CA we highly recommend hiring a local PHP developer vs. outsourcing. PHP development requires years of experience and insights to various techniques, it can be challenging at the very least. The programmer needs to be well versed with many different programming languages (not only PHP), frameworks and platforms, various databases and having a capability to handle any challenging situation. Hiring the right programmer will start your project with confidence, always opt for an in-person meeting with the software developer.

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