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    One important group of software development skills is software design skills. Many programmers aspire to be great designers. What are the characteristics of great designers you ask? One study of great designers in general (not just software designers) found that the most creative human problem solvers seem to move easily between the design-end and software development end of the continuum. They move back and forth between holistic and sequential, intuition and logic, theory and specific details. They are able to look at problems from many different points of view. Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein are examples of such great designers.

    Albert Einstein

    As great software designers, we have a large set of standard patterns that we apply to each new problem. If the problem fits an existing pattern, our software designer can solve it using a familiar technique. As a software designer, you must have mastery over the tools you use. Great software designers aren’t afraid of complexity, and some of the best are drawn to it. But our goal is to make the seemingly complex simple. As Einstein said: “everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler”

    The French writer and Aircraft designer Antoine de Saint-Exupery made much the same point when he said: “You know you have achieved perfection in design not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to take away”. We, as a software development company always seek out criticism at our work to pursue perfection.

    Software Design

    Just as it makes sense to create a set of blueprints before you begin building a house, it makes sense to create an architecture and design before you begin designing a software system. A design error left undetected until system testing typically takes 10 times as long to fix as it would if it were detected at design time. But doesn’t everyone software design company do good designs? No. My impression is that good system design receives more lip service than any other activity in software development and that few developers really do design at all.

    A design architect who works for Microsoft said that in 6 years of interviewing more than 200 candidates for software development positions, he had interviewed only 5 who could accurately describe the concepts of “modularity”. The idea of modularity is a design fundamental which is a part of the foundation of both structured design and object design. A software developer who can’t discuss modularity is like a basketball player who can’t dribble. When you consider that Microsoft screens its candidates rigorously before they are even interviewed, you come to the somewhat frightening conclusion that the situation throughout most of the software development companies in the world is considerably worse than 195 out of 200 developers how to have major gaps in their knowledge of software design fundamentals.

    How we differentiate ourselves

    As one of the software development company in San Diego Web Development companies, we believe accurate and concise planning is the key to the success of your software. Before we write any line of code we develop and structure a software requirements document which will be the road-map for your software project. We use agile software development practices to do short spurts of development going from milestone to milestone within between meetings with you, our client to make sure we’re all on track.

    As we move into the technical engineering phase of your project we deploy the application to our testing servers so you can visualize your project online as the software development process continues.

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