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    Top San Diego Web Designers Vivid Software Solutions is a custom software development company that seeks to accelerate your company with custom business software solutions. We design, deliver and plan software applications that fit your needs whether your application is web based or desktop based. We ensure the integrity and quality of your application every step of the way from wireframes and screen mockups to software requirement gathering.

    At any enterprise level, our software applications are designed for dependable and speedy performance using the most state of the art software development standards. Before release, we emphasize testing continuously as part of handling every aspect of the development lifecycle.

    We Use the Agile Method of Software Development

    Each of our larger projects are broken down into smaller milestones. We move on to the next milestone once we complete the one before it. Agile software development is the name of this method. Throughout the life cycle of a software project, agile methods promote collaboration, development, process adaptability, and teamwork.

    Without the need for long-term planning, agile methods break large tasks into smaller, manageable increments. Usually lasting anywhere from one to four weeks, the project is broken down into iterations. A full development cycle is worked through in each iteration. This includes:

    • Planning
    • Requirements analysis
    • Design
    • Coding
    • Unit testing
    • Acceptance testing, during which the product is demoed for the client

    All of the web development takes place in San Diego, CA. None of the work is outsourced to other countries. When we have a new project with a tight deadline that requires many developers, we may consider outsourcing to accommodate this rush job. However, in these instances, we still only use local partners based in San Diego to co-develop the application on budget and in time.

    Aside from these rare circumstances, Vivid Software Solutions designs, develops and plans software apps on our own 99 percent of the time. Consequently, we are available to meet with you in person and update you on your software’s status and give you the opportunity to interact with and preview the application.

    Experience and Accolades

    One must have years of experience and plenty of skill to cut it in the software field. We have experience with various technologies, an array of techniques, and agile development methods. Based on what is needed for your software project, we select a combination of best practices. Through building very successful applications, Vivid Software Solutions has proven we have mastered the art of programming. This has earned us Microsoft Certified Application and Solution Developer accolades.

    We specialize in MySQL and PHP development and Microsoft.NET app development. We can deliver error-free products for you whether you want client-server, web-based, or desktop only applications. Plus, we can offer maintenance and support for existing web applications written in

    • PERL
    • C, C++
    • PHP & MySQL
    • ASP.NET
    • VB.NET
    • VB6
    • JAVA
    • MS SQL Db development
    • Coldfusion
    • C#.NET

    To learn more about what development services are available from Vivid Software Solutions, give us a call or shoot us an email today.

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