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    User Interface Design

    Vivid Software Solutions offers graphics design and web development company, this means that we handle all aspects of the website building process. One of the most important features of your website will remain to be the visual design or as we call it the user interface shortened as UI design. This is where first impressions count and turn your web design into a successful website or somewhere at the end of the stack rated as a mediocre website. Where users hurry to sail away from.

    UI Design Process

    Our user interface design process starts with wireframes. The wireframes can be compared to the blueprint of your website, similar to where a house architect would draw drafts in a black and white drawing we start with drafting the wireframes and designing the information blocks and information content blocks for your website. This gives us several benefits in that we can move or replace information blocks such as menus and image gallery’s around effortlessly without racking up too many design hours.

    Once we are set on the wireframe design for your website, we move to the actual design phase where the wireframe and colors are combined to create a beautiful website layout.

    UI Graphics Design

    At this point, you have approved the black and white wireframes and website mock-ups now its time to fill in the colors and gradients to design a sophisticated and professional custom websites layout design that fits the wire frame. It is at this stage that the colors and graphics come through and really give character to your layout.

    Front-end design and back-end user interface designs

    As much as the front-end designs are important you need an easy to use back admin panel user interface as well. Most back-end user interface designs consist of multiple sub-panels or subinterfaces. Depending on the complexity of your portal sometimes most of our goes to creating the various back-end user interface designs. And keep in mind everything has to flow naturally and look consistent from A to Z. Whether you are the site administrator or a user, everything needs to be findable easily. Our philosophy is ‘don’t make me think!’ – and that is exactly what we live and design by. It needs to be grand-ma proof!

    Software user interface design services

    Next to web application user interface design services, shortened as web app UI design or UIX design. We also provide UI and UIX services for desktop software applications that would run locally on your pc or Mac.

    Conclusion on user interface design and user interface design experiences

    Southern California is truly a tech town filled with IT companies and software development companies, though we have found that there is only a hand full of user interface design firms that offer these design services. We have worked on numerous user and admin dashboards from small to large. We would love to showcase and share with you our work so you can be the judge, no risk, no obligation user interface consulting services. To get started head over to our contact page and fill out your contact information and a brief description of your project and we will make sure to get back to you asap.

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