Web Application Development

Web Application Development

You go a few steps further than most websites when you choose custom web design San Diego CA web application development. Similar to desktop applications in a lot of ways, a web application is a program that is executed on the web. Using agile/scrum development methodologies, As one of the best San Diego web development companiesVivid Software Solutions has extensive knowledge of custom web-based software and application development. Web application development requires one or more coders, careful website development planning, extensive web app testing, and a website project manager.

As an expert San Diego web design firm, we believe in developing effective and smooth functioning of your website on the Internet through software applications. You can inexpensively produce a quality product with web apps. Vivid Software Solutions is a San Diego web development professional and is highly skilled at developing custom solutions for your company with our well-defined approach to web application development.

Solutions for All Industries

Regardless of your budget or your company’s size, our team develops solutions for businesses across a wide array of industries. For improving product quality, we offer innovative apps. We count among our clients some of the biggest brands and names thanks to our experience and devotion to providing superior apps.

Web design San Diego services. Combining the latest trends, our cross-vertical experience, abilities, and knowledge, we deliver custom work. Plus, from product deployment to idea conceptualization, our experts will guide you through all stages of website development solutions.

Web Application Development Case study

Client:  Technology Management Programs (TMPFDAS)
Business Type: Floor Dealers Assistant Software
Challenge: Rebuild a VB6 desktop application into modern full-featured website application

Recently, Technology Management Programs, a flooring software solutions company, came to us for help rebuilding a VB6 desktop application to be a more modern web app that is fully featured. They wanted to provide the software as a service. Using C-sharp, we were able to rewrite the complete application from scratch in ASP.NET based on earlier documentation.

Along the way, we ran into challenges converting the raw EDI data from the flooring dealers into an orderable and readable format. In the end, we were able to produce software that works great for smaller flooring businesses looking to manage client data and orders online. Our state of the art ASP.NET application runs on a Windows dedicated server and uses MS SQL data on the backend.

Why Choose Vivid Software Solutions?

There are many reasons to choose Vivid Software Solutions in San Diego, an expert San Diego web developer and software development San Diego. Chief among these reasons are:

  • We provide custom web application solutions
  • We add value to your operations with our ability to architect dynamic web apps
  • We provide full product testing and quality assurance
  • We provide San Diego SEO services
  • We are transparent throughout the development process
  • We are up to date on the latest industry trends and have excellent domain knowledge
  • We specialize in POS apps, B2B website platforms, and eCommerce websites

We are experts when it comes to business software applications as well as secure intranets, business portals, and other online business tools. Regardless of the complexity, we custom build web apps for every sector. We start the entire process by laying out the scope of the project in a clear requirements document.

A well-designed site from the top web developers San Diego and website designer San Diego. If you need help with your website maintenance and web development San Diego to make your business run more smoothly, contact Vivid Software Solutions today!



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