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    “What is WordPress anyway?”

    WordPress is a user-friendly open-source content management system, WordPress’ platform includes powerful features that come straight out of the box related to managing your website. These features range in size from simple brochure sites to complex functionalities. With the help of Vivid Software Solutions’ web design based WordPress development team, this content management system (CMS) can be completely customized to your needs and can handle a serious load in web traffic. Leave it to us to be your WordPress development experts.

    We create advanced and customized WordPress content management experiences. We truly make things easy and intuitive and most of our clients using WordPress now to manage their site are thrilled with it. The sites we set up are painless to manage and the design never breaks.

    Will WordPress work for my company website?

    The answer is yes! It is more than capable of running your company website. In fact large organization such as Techcrunch, Best Buy, Time Inc. and thousands more use WordPress as their company website.

    WordPress was originally built as a blogging tool but has transformed into a robust and complete CMS platform, making content publication easier than ever. Once our WordPress experts have you up and running with a new custom Wordpress web design, WordPress’ ease of use allows for additional functionality while being able to handle large amounts of content.

    The CMS of choice, WordPress has an active community of developers, designers, and passionate fans around the world. Extensive documentation through books, forums, podcasts, and media make site maintenance and extendibility feasible to leverage your online presence.

    For more in-depth information, take a look at our WordPress web development page.


    Custom & advanced WordPress integration

    We develop custom implementations of WordPress website designs only. The key distinction here is that we are software developers by nature and are capable of programming advanced features when needed. This also means we build websites even without WordPress. WordPress is simply the content management system that provides a database to store content, powers the site’s back-end interface and provides some development shortcuts and efficiencies. We do not use pre-made themes as we have a “no template policy“. Each theme is designed by our graphics design team based on a unique design crafted before the website is developed.


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