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About Vivid Software Solutions

Vivid Software Solutions has served a wide variety of small businesses and individuals around the United States since we were founded in 2008. Located in beautiful San Diego, California, Vivid Software Solutions offers specialized and highly skilled personnel versatile enough to take on any size request or project.

We provide an array of services to mid-size and small businesses as well as web design companies around San Diego.

Some of our more popular services are:

  • Web Design Services – We do everything to make your CMS, web apps, Web 2.0 sites, and blogs outstanding.
  • Website Maintenance – Keeping your website current is important for search engine rankings and attracting new business. We help you do it.
  • WordPress Websites – We will give you the tools needed to take advantage of the thousands of plugins and themes from WordPress.
  • Ecommerce – Our experts can help you sell your products and services online.
  • Web Applications – Take your website a step further with web apps.
  • Website Consulting Services – Need expert advice to move your website forward? We will walk you through the process.
  • CodeIgniter Development – We will aid you in utilizing this agile, open, and time-tested PHP web application framework.
  • Software Development – If you know anything about us, you know that software development is our bread and butter. We use agile methods to develop software applications for any industry.



Sean Ansari

Web Developer

Offering extensive experience in cloud environments and web development, Sean Ansari is a results-driven lead programmer. He has earned a Microsoft Certified Application Developer accolade. Sean is known for integrating user needs into secure, intuitive, affordable solutions that are long-lasting and scalable.

Sean’s state of the art system, application, and solution services more than pay for themselves with their positive impact on your profits. He is a top project manager and proven leader. From the concept through the release process, Sean leads projects and provides system architecture answers.

Eric Strate

SEO & SEM Engineer

Since 2008, Eric Strate has worked professionally in search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing. By increasing traffic to clients’ websites, Eric has helped many companies boost their sales. He does it because he enjoys the industry and what he does. Eric never shies away from a good challenge, especially the challenges various enterprises face as they try to brand themselves online.

With the constantly changing landscape of Internet marketing, today’s magic bullet is tomorrow’s blank. Staying ahead of the curve is a challenge Eric enjoys and excels at. He enjoys reading about, trying, and testing different strategies aimed at helping websites gain more exposure and improving search engine results. He regularly achieves top search rankings in competitive sectors.

If you do not continue working hard to keep those top search rankings, you can easily lose your spot tomorrow. Eric strives to be the best at SEO by following the trends closely. It is impossible to know everything about SEO unless you are a decision maker at Google, but it is possible to use SEO expertise to help businesses small and large gain more traffic and more sales. And, this is exactly what Eric does.

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