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    6 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Plan Sucks!

    October 20, 2021

    Reports show that many businesses do not have a digital marketing plan. Whether you have a strategic plan or not, it is always good to benchmark. Benchmarking will help you assess where you are today in terms of digital marketing including organic SEO company in San Diego and where you would like to be in the future. A company that already has a plan can use benchmarking guides to assess their current marketing state. Those who still need a plan must create a plan first before bothering about benchmarking. So what’s pulling you down you ask?

    1. You lack focus

    Not having a digital marketing plan is a clear sign that your business does not know what it wants to achieve by being online. The goals are not clear and this may mean that you have been putting your financial resources into wrong places.

    2. You don’t know your online customers

    To succeed online, you have to be able to identify your customers. Knowing your customers is more than getting their names and telephone number. You need to get more than that which is possible when you have a digital marketing plan that has essentials like customer demographics spelled out.

    3. You are wasting marketing resources

    One of the problems that you are likely to face when you don’t have a plan for marketing is that you will be wasting resources without knowing. This is especially true for large companies with many departments where different departments will be spending a lot of money on the same items all because their operations are not well coordinated.

    4. You don’t know your market share

    When you do not have a digital marketing plan, you may not be able to assess the amount of the market that you control. Most importantly, as the guys at  rightly put it, understanding how the online market works may elude you.

    5. You will not be able to beat your competitors

    The online marketing environment is a very competitive one and businesses are always striving to be the best in their sector. Most businesses are using digital marketing to make sure they are getting qualified customers. If you do not have one, you will be giving your competitors the chance to conquer more of the market share.

    6. You lose your proactiveness

    Businesses that are doing well online are those that take an active approach to their business. They are always analyzing and monitoring business analytics to help ensure that their plans are working and they can keep ahead of main competitors. More on digital marketing click on the following link

    A digital marketing plan doesn’t have to be a detailed plan that spans many pages. It could be as simple as a 2-4 page plan. Regardless how simple it may be,  it can do a lot for your business by helping you create effective strategies for turning visitors into customers. Vivid Software Solutions, your organic SEO experts know how to put a strategic plan together that will keep customers coming back for more. Contact us to talk to a consultant from an Organic SEO company.


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