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    PPC Marketing and How it Can Benefit Your Business

    In today’s world of digital marketing, it is critical to stay on top of search engines to maintain a competitive edge. Pay per click marketing (PPC) is a valuable tool that we provide here at San Diego’s Vivid Software Solutions. Read on to find out how it can help your business increase its online visibility.

    What is PPC Advertising?

    Pay per click marketing is a model of marketing that allows businesses to pay only when their ad is clicked on. Here’s a bit about how it works.

    Marketers create ads and then bid on specific search phrases which they feel best represent their brand. When users put these phrases into a search engine, their ads will come up. The marketer or company will then pay the search engine every time a user clicks on the ad regardless of how many times the ad was shown.

    Google and Bing, two of the top rated search engines, make Pay Per Click marketing available on an auction basis. So, if you want your ad shown, you bid the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a click in the ad. Those that bid the highest amounts will end up at the top of the search engines.

    Benefits of PPC Advertising

    PPC marketing is valuable because it can generate clients right away. Those who bid the highest amounts will automatically get top placement on search engines so that potential customers will see their ad first. With some systems, like Google Ads, you can generate traffic within minutes after opening an account.

    PPC advertising is also nimble enough to adjust to our digital, fast acting world. A PPC campaign can be adjusted in hours or days and can be worked with to suit changing marketing conditions or customer interests.

    Pay per click can be cost effective as well. It allows you to find keyword niches which are specific phrases that might be more targeted for your site. This can help you to bring in an interested audience for a fraction of the cost as compared to other forms of advertising.

    Downfalls of a PPC Campaign

    Although pay-per-click has a wide range of benefits, it can also be difficult for some users. Pitfalls can arise when marketers get into a bidding war over a particular keyword and end up spending more than their potential return. Bid inflation can also add to costs of commonly searched phrases.

    Another disadvantage is that pay per click ads do not pay off as your visibility increases. The more traffic you get, the more money you have to pay. This is in comparison to search engine optimization that allows you to invest a fixed amount to achieve a better rank so that cost per click goes down as you draw more traffic.

    Finding the right keywords can also be tricky. You want to find high numbers of low volume keywords that are inexpensive but will yield a high ROI. These will work against your more expensive, high volume keywords to lower the average cost per click.

    Getting PPC to Work for You

    While PPC does have its downfalls, it can be useful in certain situations. It can help a short-term campaign generate a buzz quickly. It gives users the ability to control copy to ensure you will always make a good impression. It is also great for online stores where every click is a potential customer so spending money to increase clicks makes sense.

    How Vivid Software Solutions Can Help

    So, we see that the world of PPC advertising can be a bit difficult to navigate. Vivid Software Solutions can help. Here are some of the services we offer.

    Competitor Analysis: We look at your competitors to analyze the search terms they are using and the kind of volume they are getting. This helps us to customize a PPC campaign that will create revenue and increase leads.

    Creating Data Driven Ads: You can get all the clicks you want, but you need the content to back it up. We research keywords and create ad copy for high performing ads. We perform split testing to ensure your ads are optimized for increased ROI.

    We Provide PPC Ad Tracking and Analytics: We stay on top of how well your ads are doing by tracking average ad positions, click through rates, cost per click, leads, calls, sales and revenues. This is information we share with our clients, so they are aware of the results they are getting.

    We Provide PPC Campaign Management: Our campaign management includes managing and tweaking bids and monitoring keyword search queries, average position, click through rate and cost per click. We also provide ongoing optimizations for campaign improvement.

    We Create Paid Search Campaigns: We launch paid ads that target customers based on the queries they enter into search engines. We design coordinated paid search and SEO campaigns, display advertisement campaigns and create retargeted ads and remarketing campaigns.

    We Provide PPC Advertising Across Multiple Platforms: Our PPC advertising spans several platforms to include paid marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and more. We also handle Google Ads, Google Local Services and Bing Ads management to assure you are visible on the top platforms on the internet.

    PPC marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tools on the market today. Our services can help you navigate this form of marketing to ensure high visibility, increased ROI and more conversions overall. Contact us to find out how your company can get a competitive edge by using PPC advertising to their advantage.

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