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    Have you started a business and are trying to increase your sales and leads opportunities. Do you currently have an existing business that isn’t performing well online? If so, you should strongly consider receiving an SEO audit report from Vivid Software Solutions, the premier SEO agency in San Diego, California.

    It’s important for your website to receive an SEO audit for free for a variety of different reasons. To begin, a proper SEO audit can help you determine how SEO-friendly your website is. In order for you to understand the nature of an SEO audit and how our award-winning team can provide you with SEO audit free tools, read on for more information.

    What is an SEO Audit?

    In the broadest sense, an SEO audit is a comprehensive report that gauges the level of your SEO. Many businesses opt to receive an SEO audit to understand their deficiencies and overcome them. Regardless of if you are just beginning your business or if your business has already been established, it’s essential to obtain an SEO audit to gain familiarity with your SEO level.

    Vivid Software Solutions offers SEO audit tools online to help you determine if your business could use an update. Our award-winning team of organic SEO experts specialize in conducting high-quality audits that will allow you to see the bigger picture.

    What Should You Expect?

    SEO audit costs aren’t typically cheap, especially if you partner with an inexperienced SEO agency. However, SEO audits are necessary if you plan to surpass your competitors in your local SERPs. For this reason, it’s important first to understand what a quality SEO audit looks like.

    When you decide to work with Vivid Software Solutions, the #1 SEO agency in San Diego, we will give you a full breakdown of your SEO audit will be comprised of. In fact, here are a few things you should expect during one of our specializes audits.

    1. A full description of the latest state of your website. Additionally, this is an extensive analysis of how your website is performing in your local search results, the number of internal/external links your website has, and any other details relating to the current state of your website.
    2. A list of actions predicated on an SEO audit checklist along with detailed explanations of every item on the list.
    3. An extensive report detailing a complete digital marketing strategy for taking advantage of all sources of website traffic and opportunities on the web besides SEO.

    Why an SEO Audit is Important on a Regular Basis?

    SEO is constantly changing every day, primarily due to the fact that Google is always changing its central ranking algorithm. Although these changes aren’t likely to affect your website on a daily basis, you should still be aware of which SEO techniques are working and which ones are not.

    As a result, it’s important to receive an SEO audit regularly (at least twice per year) to ensure that your website is up-to-date on the latest SEO developments in your industry. Vivid Software Solutions offers affordable SEO audit services for all of our clients wishing to receive a complete audit from an exceptional SEO agency in San Diego.

    What Else is an SEO Audit Great For?

    Let’s say that you are unfamiliar with how to configure your off-site SEO and your website is struggling because of it. Unless you magically understand what off-site SEO is and how you can improve it, your SEO won’t likely improve. This case is very true for a lot of businesses.

    Engaging in SEO is difficult in the aspect that you won’t really know which of your techniques is effective until a few months. Therefore, experimentation can seem to take forever. A timely SEO audit expedites this process. Particularly, if your off-site SEO isn’t configured properly, the report will let you know. In fact, anything you may be oblivious about will be detailing in your SEO audit.

    Therefore, it’s important to receive an SEO audit to understand what’s holding your business back from moving up in your local SERPs.

    Makes Link Building Easier!

    If Time Magazine happened to one day link to your website in one of their articles, would you notice? Probably not. Though, an SEO audit makes that fairly possible because the report details the major backlinks you have received on the internet.

    According to basic SEO principles, aggregating backlinks is a sure-fire way of improving your SEO because this action indicates to Google that your website is popular and relevant.

    Vivid Software Solutions specializes in providing local website audit services for all businesses located in San Diego and in surrounding areas. Our goal is to help your clients succeed by analyzing concurrent problems and helping them plan ahead to develop formidable solutions.

    Our SEO Audit Covers Internet Marketing

    Our SEO audit tools are designed to go beyond SEO in an effective way. Therefore, not only will our tools analyze the level of your SEO, it will point out a few major errors that you should improve in your internet marketing.

    For example, are there valid social media buttons on each page? Are your social media profiles optimized? These are areas you can easily miss out on, hindering your SEO from ever surpassing your competitors.

    That’s why our SEO audit tools are specially designed to give you an in-depth analysis of your onsite, as well as offsite, SEO. Call us today at (619) 578-9456 to receive your local SEO audit for FREE.

    What Are You Waiting For?

    Do you want your business to succeed online? If so, you will need to constantly improve your organic SEO content to ensure that your website is the first thing your prospective customers see when they’re searching for your business.

    If you are unsure of how you can personally improve your SEO, call us today at (619) 578-9456 to receive more information about how our award-winning team can help you dominate your industry and your local SERPs with an in-depth SEO audit for FREE.

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