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    Web Design Trends To Watch Out For In This Year

    July 2, 2018


    If there’s one impressive thing about the world of web design, it’s a fact that it’s continuously dynamic. The most recent upsurge in the demand and popularity of perhaps the most recent responsive sites is a complete testament to this. But, because of this seemingly apparent trend, keeping up with the latest developments can be a hectic task.

    The central focus of these most recent trends dwells around the user experience. It boils down to content that’s scalable, responsive, accessible and straightforward to use so as to enhance the user’s satisfaction. In short, this year’s web design trends aims to streamline and perfect the prevailing flaws. They include:

    Quality Images Instead of Texts only

    Perhaps, there’s no better way to attract and capture the user’s attention than using striking images. Full HD images aren’t just the most recent craze, using the same idea, but with a compelling Call to Action seems to be working across the board. The idea is, in fact, buoyed by the advances in bandwidth and data compression.


    On mobile devices, scrolling as an automatic function has witnessed widespread acceptance. There’s no need to click to reveal, and since it mostly relies on animations, the user can dictate the pace. The eye-catchy transitions and sectional designs make an otherwise dull trudge into a delightful one.


    Another trendy design of the modern ages, the arrival of some of the best web design topographies is somewhat extraordinary. The minimal and streamlined interfaces are making the sites dramatic with a strong impact. Aside from that, the use of artistic fonts makes them tangible and personable.

    Card Layouts

    It’s the year 2016, and for any tech-savvy individual, problems when browsing should be a No-No. That’s probably the reason card layouts, as pioneered by Pinterest, present lots of massive information is a simple, rectangular-shaped layouts. The layout isn’t so new, but from the number of enthusiasts buying the idea, its importance isn’t a wild guess.

    Material Design

    Without a doubt, Google’s material design style lingo is at the forefront of this craze. Material designs enhance the flat design’s depth through the incorporation of subtle lights and shadows. Along with that, the grit-based outlooks and animations make the scene more sophisticated.

    Backgrounds Videos

    The idea of using background videos and animation on websites is a tricky affair mainly because it can make it interesting or disgusting to the user. But, when executed well, the resulting touch is enough to spur the much-needed experience between the site and the visitor. According to the industry’s insiders, all the content highlighted by the videos must be coherent, consistent and seamless.

    Hover Animations

    Motivated by the visitors’ movements within site, hover animations offer them an instant feedback. This particular trend is way better than clicking and makes the entire experience simpler and uninterrupted.

    Motion Animations

    In this trend, animations are used to attract you to an important factor on the site. They add interest while increasing engagement, what the conventional websites essentially do not have.

    Duotone Color Palettes

    Incorporating two complementary colors for a strong visual impact is the most recent technological invention in web design. It’s a smart way of making one’s site suave and attractive, and it’s currently sweeping across the scene.

    The Bottom-Line

    As the level of competition is increasing vis-à-vis the transition in technology, seeing these and many others isn’t a surprise. For the designers, the primary challenge is to create something striking enough to win the user’s trust while keeping up with what’s happening at the scene.

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