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    As a website design company we have a five-step life cycle to our  web development process. We clearly define and organize the website features, audience, information architecture, and goals in the first Analysis step. The execution and planning of the second step, Graphics Design, depends upon the first step. Navigation, user interface, and the overall aesthetic of the site will be addressed in the graphic design phase. Careful considerations need to be taken to ensure the user interface is aligned with the stated project goals since this aspect is critical to the success of a site.

    Development is the third step. Once the features, user interface, and website design elements have been approved, we begin coding the CSS, content management system (CMS), and HTML to bring these aspects to life. As the underlying framework develops, the website will begin to take shape. We integrate and refine what will be expressed and said to online visitors during the Content Development step of the process.

    The fifth and final step, the Site Launch, combines approval, training, and testing. In this step, we will make certain the content is meaningful and accurate, the necessary employees understand how to manage the new website after the launch, and that the site will perform perfectly no matter what device or browser visitors are using.

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    website design standardsFor the main site, our San Diego web development team will create one or two homepage designs at the start of the graphic design step. For review, preliminary design compositions will be posted on the Internet. We will begin on the interior page templates once the home page is designed and develop interior pages using the same approval, development, and composition process.

    The main web design themes that are represented in the new homepage will also be incorporated into the templates. Throughout the site, you will have a professional, consistent, and simple to follow the display of content through the use of templates. Included on the site are the following elements:

    • The use of images and photographs
    • An inviting experience
    • A visually appealing, simple to use, and uncluttered layout
    • A comfortable feel
    • Intuitive navigation

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    For the majority of computer users out there, technology is daunting. When the technical piece seems a bit too overwhelming, some of the best business ideas get shelved. We can help you deal with this. Without any technical knowledge required, anyone in your organization can keep your website up to date with the CMS Vivid Software Solutions sets up: WordPress.

    We can make your website incredibly easy to maintain and operate once it is running in addition to helping you breathe life into it on the technical side. We believe in making everything as intuitive, automated, and just plain simple for you as possible.

    If the jargon in this description has left your eyes glazed over, do not worry! Our designers in San Diego, CA are able to explain the process in simple terms that anyone can understand. They have the heart of a teacher. Send us an email or give us a call to learn more!

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