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    Get Your WordPress Up To Speed With These Tips

    May 4, 2018

    In the WordPress world, it is all about increasing website traffic. More traffic means more views and in turn more sales. Have you wondered why some sites seem to be zipping along at lightning quick speed along the internet superhighway while you’re stuck in the slow lane?

    To shift your WordPress Website Designs into gear, try these tips.

    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Seconds

    Or maybe it just feels that way.

    • An outstanding Wordpress design can gobble up a considerable amount of memory. You need a strong hosting provider to handle the workload, and a caching plugin fits the bill. These tools snap pics of your pages and store them so they are ready to load quickly.
    • Pictures can make a site more visually appealing, but the time it takes to load can affect not only the user experience but also your SEO. Take the wait timeout by compressing them with EWWW Image Optimizer.
    • Also consider trying Lazy Load, which displays pictures only when someone accesses them. You will decrease your bandwidth use and speed up your load time.

    Feeling under the Weather

    Getting a bug will slow down, and may even knock out your site.

    • Use the Anti-Malware plugin from Wordpress to remain virus-free.
    • Do regular checkups to maintain good page health. You may no longer be using some of the plugins you once used and may be able to uninstall them. You will also want to install updates regularly to avoid leaving them vulnerable to security breaches.

    Your Loss, Their Gain

    If you have been content-scraped, your site could run much slower than usual. When sites link to your image instead of uploading it, they use your bandwidth and you do not get the visitors. You can add a special code to the .htaccess file to disconnect any hotlinking of your material.

    When less is more

    • You may be tempted to load your site with a lot of wow-factor material like vines and videos, but use a workaround instead. Keep your video at its original hosting site and embed it into your Wordpress site to improve the loading speed.
    • Also, avoid multiple revisions of your posts — each one takes up valuable space.

    It is important to remember improving your site’s speed will help to enhance the user experience, as they will not have to wait as long for the page to load. Load time is also important if you are looking to improve your SEO. It is a major ranking factor with Google so it is important to try to improve it as much as possible.


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