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    When people are trying to locate a service or a product, their first step these days is doing a search on the internet. At Vivid Software Solutions Inbound Marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is our bread and butter. We want your business to be what users see when they perform their searches. To help search engines identify your company as expert and relevant, our SEO team uses a multi-faceted approach to build external links and optimize your site.

    Internet Marketing & SEOVivid Software Solutions Inbound Marketing utilizes digital marketing analysts who study the data to find out how different strategies are working, conversion rates, and how to tweak future campaigns. There is no secret formula to winning the search engine optimization game. Success is a matter of figuring out the fundamentals and building a comprehensive plan of action doing the correct things over and over again.

    You want to stand out as an expert in your subject area to gain recognition from the search engine. Vivid Software Solutions Inbound Marketing has the experience and the foresight to help you do this.

    With Vivid Software Solutions, you can expect:

    • Ethical methods for increasing your site’s visibility
    • Long term solutions
    • Onsite SEO to ensure your site’s authority and relevance
    • Offsite SEO to build quality citations and links for your company
    • Analysis of keywords that will help drive searches to your site
    • Local solutions for small businesses

    White Hat Search Engine Optimization

    There are two broad categories of SEO techniques. One type is not approved by most search engines. The other is recommended as part of a good design by search engines. Search engines are always finding new ways to thwart sites using the unapproved techniques. An example of one of those bad techniques is repeating unrelated phrases over and over again. Vivid Software Solutions Inbound Marketing does not engage in these “black hat” techniques. Instead, our SEO focuses on the approved, “white hat” methods.

    With white hat techniques, you can rest assured that the high search engine rankings you have achieved will last for a long time. Whereas, the black hatters typically end up getting banned from the search results. Our SEO techniques do not involve any deception and are designed to conform with guidelines set down by search engines. We design search engine success that lasts.

    We engage in the white hat practice of building content for users, rather than specifically what we think search engines want to see. This, in fact, is essentially what the search engine algorithms are looking for. The goal of search engines is to provide results relating to the search words that are most valuable to users. We help add that value to your site.

    Whether you go with the experienced white hatters at Vivid Software Solutions Inbound Marketing or you choose someone else, you want to make sure your SEO strategies are of the white hat variety. This will keep your company at the top of the search results for years to come and keep your site from being knocked off the face of the internet.

    We DO NOT Engage in Questionable SEO Tactics

    A lot of fly by night SEO companies do not look beyond the short term. They will hurt their clients by using the black hat techniques mentioned above that get their sites banned from search results. Some of these techniques involve repeating keywords off of the screen or in a font color that is the same as the background. Another method has different pages for search engines and human visitors. This practice is known as cloaking, and it can hurt your company’s website.

    In 2011, Google instituted a change to their search results ranking algorithm called Panda. Panda revolutionized how search engines return results by lowering the rank of sites there were thin and low quality. Instead, the higher quality sites received the higher rankings. Consequently, social networking sites and news websites got a boost, and sites stuffed with advertising plummeted.

    The following year Google produced yet another large update code named Penguin. This algorithm update punished sites that violated Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. The guidelines specifically stated black hat techniques, including artificially manipulating the number of links point to a page, commonly called link schemes.

    Vivid Software Solutions Inbound Marketing follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and will NEVER engage in any of the black hat tactics. Instead, we adhere to the guidelines that will keep your website from suffering penalties under the Panda and Penguin algorithms. We use SEO techniques that will keep you high in the search rankings for a long time using ethical methods.

    Superior On-Site SEO

    There are two main aspects to optimizing your website to appear high up on search engine result pages (SERPs). They are on-site and off-site SEO. On-site optimization is what most people are familiar with. These are changes made on your website to improve your ranking on SERPs. Vivid Software Solutions Inbound Marketing has many tools at our disposal to enhance your on-site SEO.

    Catching the attention of search engines involves making your site appear relevant. We work with you to make your site increasingly relevant over time to ensure the big name search engines will give you prime real estate on the SERPs. We will not simply look at your site and tell you what you need to do. Instead, unlike other SEO companies, we will develop a game plan with you and then execute it.

    Through content development, on-page optimization, and keyword research, our SEO team will help drive more business to your site while keeping you in the loop along the way. We have a whole content writing team of college-educated American writers, who have experience writing on just about any topic you can think of.

    Vivid Software Solutions has mastered the art of on-site SEO over the years. We have experience creating sites that users will want to visit and that search engines will deem as valuable. And, our talented content writing team will produce articles for your site that will move your users to share your site on social media and thus general off-site optimization.

    Outstanding Off-Site SEO Optimization

    On the other side of the coin, the complementary aspect of SEO is off-site optimization. This is a trickier process because you have little control over what people share or link to on their websites. It involves building backlinks to your website. This process is known as link building. To search engines, backlinks on a third-party websites are like a vote for the quality of a site. As you develop more of these votes, it shows the search engines that your content is quality. Therefore, you get a higher placement on the SERPs.

    Anyone who has ever run a website has had the experience of producing content they believed would be shared near and far on social media or on the blogs. And, many times, they have seen this opportunity fizzle away into the dotsam and netsam. We will work with you to make sure this does not happen to your content.

    We have a long list of opportunities across the internet to help you promote your business to prospective customers. Our SEO team has a track record for being able to identify potential link building hot spots. Once we identify opportunities, we capitalize on them to drive your march up the SERPs and increase the flow of traffic and conversions on your site.

    Local SEO Solutions for Small Businesses

    We offer solutions for small businesses who only offer localized products and services. Search engines are able to tell where users are located, so they are increasingly customizing SERPs to users’ locations. Vivid Software Solutions Inbound Marketing can help you capitalize on this. No matter where you are located, we can help you appear ahead of your competitors in the search results.

    Local SEO is fairly similar to other SEO campaigns, except our SEO team will specifically cater the work to your location. This will make it so your company will show up when potential customers are searching by local terms.

    Another aspect of our local SEO is making sure your company has a strong positive presence on the review sites. Research shows that consumers look to review sites most of the time before going to a specific business. Your company’s prominence on these sites will serve you well. Plus, many search engines ranks these review site profiles high in their SERPs.

    In summary, Vivid Software Solutions Inbound Marketing has been at the top of the SEO game for a while now. We keep close tabs on the trends, and we only utilize those white hat tactics that adhere to guidelines put forth by search engines. We want to be sure your site will have staying power in the SERPs. Our SEO team works with our content writing team to fill your site with relevant, original, and valuable content that will encourage quality backlink “votes.” We can cater our services to any company from global corporations to localized businesses.

    To learn specific ways we can team up with you to tailor an SEO plan to improve your company’s sales, please give us a call.

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